31 Oct

Melbourne airport parking

Airport parking can be a tricky business. Melbourne airport parking is made simpler and more facilitated with a number of options. One of the features is a free courtesy bus that runs 24/7 within all terminals of the airport, allowing you to reach your car parking section quickly, increasing accessibility and easing passenger transport.

Short-term Car Park

The Short-term car park is used usually by people dropping other people off at the airport, or when the business at the facility is for a shorter time period. The six lanes of short-term car park section at Melbourne airport provide access to upper level car parking, whereas the right three lanes provide ground-level car parking access. As long as you remember the section and level of your short-term car park you can access you car without any hassle.

Long-term Car Park

There are three lanes for entering the long-term car park at Melbourne airport parking. Height restrictions apply on car parking entry from Tullamarine freeway. However, there are no car height restrictions for second entry from Sunbury road.

There are also different access levels; for public parking and premium car park or valet parking. Special feature of disabled parking is accessible for both types of car parking, and at all levels of the facility. The airport currently offers four terminals: the T1, T2, T3 and T4 At Terminals for car park. The new terminal; terminal 4, boasts the best design with big information screens, easier and quicker check-ins, automated and fast bag-drop options, a spacious departure lounge, more than 30 dine-out and shopping outlets and greater accessibility to car parking areas. The increased number of gates allow for a better flow and fast transport.

Payment Options

There are a number of different options available for payment.

Payment at Automatic Payment Machine (APM):
For a fast and easy payment delivery, you can buy a ticket and pay at the available automatic payment machine before leaving the airport at the exit gate. The APM machines are located on ground and level 2 of the short-term outside the terminal, and for long-term car parks in multi level and the exits. All tickets are collected from the gate, also known as the Exit Boom Gate at Melbourne airport

Payment at the Gate: If you do not want to use the APM machines for payment, you can insert ticket into the machine once you are outside the terminal and then pay the payment at the exit gate afterwards.

Payment via Credit Card Express Method:
For using credit card express method as a payment option, you don’t have to buy any ticket. All you need to do is to insert credit card to open the boom gates and once you leave, insert the same credit card to re-open the boom gate and to make the payment as well.

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