19 Aug3 Reasons Why You Must Choose Off-Site Airport Parking

Planning to drive to the airport instead of taking a taxi or the train before you go on a vacation? There are two parking options for travelers opting to get to the airport by their own car: on-site or off-site airport parking.

Know the differences between these two choices and learn why having your car parked outside the airport will bring you more benefits.

1. Lower rates and bigger savings

Obviously, the biggest difference between off-site and on-site airport parking facilities is the price levels. Every product and every service inside the airport comes with an incredibly huge price tag. Need a foreign currency exchange? Want to buy a pair of shoes from your favorite brand? Need to eat dinner before your flight? As long as you do them at the airport, your budget is bound to break. It is because all airports in the world charge higher than others in exchange for the convenience they provide (and to sustain their expensive business operation)—and the Melbourne Airport is no exception.

Parking lots that are located separately from the airport cost much lower to operate because companies that own them just have to spend on the space for parking slots. These companies also hire a smaller staff than that of the airport. Those high savings are passed on to the consumers, providing convenient services at the same time.

Thus, off-site airport parking companies offer the most value out of their customers’ money than their on-site counterparts at the airport.

2. Personalized customer service

At the airport, you will meet employees of all sorts, from the friendly ones to the snob or rude ones. But they all have something in common: their services hardly have the faintest hint of a personal touch. Compare that to an off-site airport parking service provider whose staff are not just friendly but are also accommodating and eager to help each customer.

The staff of Airport Parking Melbourne Boss can provide you with efficient and personalized services, meaning we take every possible effort to address your concerns and meet your specific needs. All our employees are punctual, so you will not have to wait and make a lot of phone calls just to reach them. If you are traveling alone (or even with a company of family and friends), our personnel can help you carry your baggage. These personalized, value-added services come at no cost to you.

In the event we could not offer exactly what you are looking for, we will do our best to find the next best solution for your needs.

3. Ability to reserve a parking slot

One of the best things about off-site airport parking is that it allows travelers to reserve a slot in a parking facility through an advance booking. This is very helpful when you are traveling in a peak season or during the holidays when there are so many people who are looking for parking areas in the airport as well.