21 Jul6 Stress-Free Airport Parking Tips for Travelers

The most convenient and flexible way to get to the airport is to drive your car, especially if you are going to travel with your family and bring heavy and big baggage. You will have to find a way to park your vehicle, though. Using an airport parking service is a cost-effective solution for travelers from Melbourne, allowing them to leave their car to a trustworthy airport parking company for the duration of their trip and picking it up when they return from their trip.

To maximize the convenience and reduce the chance of hassles, make sure to observe the following dos and don’ts before you have your vehicle parked in an airport parking facility.

1.   Make sure that your tires are correctly aligned and fully inflated

You don’t want to have trouble driving your car when you get back. So before you take it out of your garage, check your wheels for proper alignment and your tires for inflation. If the tires are not fully inflated, they will leak and you will return finding your car’s flat tires after an extended holiday outside of Melbourne.

2. Disconnect the car battery

Leaving your battery connected while you are on a vacation will drain its power fast even if it is idle in a long-term parking. Do not put your battery power to waste. After all, it takes only less than a minute to disconnect your battery terminals before you leave for your trip.

3. Bring a small shovel or ice scraper in winter

Especially if you leave your car to a self-parking facility for a long time, snow buildup around your car will make it extremely hard for you to get snow out of the way, let alone doing so with your bare hands. So be ready with your little shovel or ice scraper so that you can take your car out more easily from the airport parking lot during winter.

4. Choose a covered parking spot rather than an open area

Covered parking slots may be slightly more expensive than open spots, but choosing the former can protect your car against damaging elements such as the weather while you are traveling, especially if you will be away for several weeks.

5. Keep your parking ticket and never lose it

To avoid the inconveniences of having to rummage through your stuff or wallet just to find your parking ticket or voucher, keep a digital copy of it on your mobile phone or tablet. Airport Parking Melbourne Boss honors parking tickets in digital form—just show your e-ticket via your phone to our personnel before your departure and upon your arrival so that we can confirm your booking with us.

6. Book weeks in advance if you will travel during the peak season

So that you will not lose a slot, make sure to do your booking several weeks in advance if you are going to travel during the holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving when the demand for airport parking slots are high and get filled quickly.